Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist

An endocrinologist is a specialist whose competence includes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of endocrine gland pathologies. A pediatric endocrinologist provides assistance to children from birth to 18 years of age.

  • During the initial consultation

    During the initial consultation, the pediatric endocrinologist will definitely listen to complaints, collect anamnesis, conduct a thorough examination of the child's body, check the compliance of the physical data of the child's age (weight, height, sexual development). According to the indications, the doctor will prescribe an additional examination. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor diagnoses and prescribes treatment.


Primary consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist

550 UAH

Repeat consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist

490 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist is necessary if the child has:
    itching of the skin and genitals;
    frequent urination;
    the smell of acetone from the mouth;
    weight loss;
    fast fatigue;
    growth retardation;
    memory impairment;
    rapid heartbeat;
    premature appearance of secondary sexual characteristics: up to 7 years in girls, up to 9 years in boys;
    delayed sexual development.

  • Preventive consultations

    An annual examination of the child by an endocrinologist is necessary if the family history includes: diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity and other endocrine disorders. An endocrinologist's consultation is also desirable during puberty, when an assessment of sexual development, growth, weight, and the state of the thyroid gland is required.

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