Urologist for adults


Consultation of a urologist

A urologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary system of men and women, as well as male genital organs. He deals with problems such as inflammatory infections of the kidneys, bladder, prostatitis, kidney stones, urinary abnormalities, sexual dysfunctions and oncological diseases of the urinary system. The urologist conducts examinations, consultations, prescribes treatment and rehabilitation measures to ensure the health of patients and restore their functional state.

  • During the initial consultation

    During the initial consultation, the doctor will examine the child, collect an anamnesis, and prescribe the necessary laboratory tests. After that, a diagnosis will be made and safe and effective treatment for the baby will be prescribed.

Urologist for adults

Primary consultation of an adult urologist550 UAH
Repeat consultation of an adult urologist490 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    Diseases included in the competence of a pediatric urologist are congenital anomalies of the development of genital organs; disorders in the work of organs of the genitourinary system; enuresis; bladder problems; urethritis; inflammation of the head of the penis, foreskin, testicles; undescended or twisted testicles; dropsy of the testicles; Even if nothing bothers the child, preventive examinations should be performed.

  • Preventive consultations

    in the first year of life, a urologist examines a baby after one month of age and closer to a year in order to rule out or detect pathologies of the genitourinary system; professional examinations once every 2 years.

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Mahmudov Yusif Yusifovych

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