Help for kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first large group of children that a child meets, and for this acquaintance to go well, you need to take care of the child's health. Kindergarten certificate is a mandatory document that must be submitted when registering a child for kindergarten. This document, together with the immunization card, is kept by the preschool nurse. The certificate is the conclusion of a pediatrician and/or a number of narrow specialists about the state of health of your baby, the peculiarities of his growth and development. Such a certificate confirms that the child is healthy and does not pose a danger to the health of other children.

  • Mandatory data that must be specified in the certificate:

    • surname and first name of the child;
    • date of birth of the child;
    • place of residence of the child;
    • information about the health status and anthropometric data of the child;
    • conclusion about the possibility/impossibility of visiting the children's team.

    The doctor gives recommendations on the organization of the child's daily routine and nutrition, as well as warnings about physical activity.

  • We recommend that you go through the following specialists before registering for kindergarten:

    • pediatric surgeon;
    • pediatric ophthalmologist;
    • children's orthopedist;
    • children's dentist

  • Necessary laboratory tests:

    • general blood test;
    • general analysis of urine;
    • analysis of capillary blood for glucose;
    • stool analysis for helminth eggs

Help for kindergarten

The sum of the cost of examinations and analyses, form 086

1300 UAH
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Having studied the information of examinations by specialized specialists and the results of tests, the pediatrician makes a conclusion about the child's state of health and his possibility to visit the children's group.
The pediatrician also enters the necessary information about the child's immunization.

In "Mamyn Dim" polyclinics, you can undergo a high-quality preventive medical examination by highly qualified doctors, pass basic tests before entering kindergarten.