Ultrasound of the testicles

Ultrasound examination of the scrotum (testicles) is a procedure that allows you to assess the internal state of the tissues, the structure of the scrotum, and to understand how well all the parameters correspond to the norm. The procedure has no contraindications and is completely painless. Modern ultrasound devices are equipped with a doppler and allow to study both the structure of the organ and to evaluate the blood flow system.

  • Indications for research

    • cryptorchidism;
    • suspicion of an inflammatory process of the testicles or seminal cords;
    • dropsy of the testicle;
    • neoplasm;
    • sterility;
    • control after surgical intervention on the scrotum;
    • testicles and appendages increase in size;
    • erectile dysfunction;
    • pathologies of the endocrine system;
    • pain in the scrotum, redness of the skin and swelling;
    • varicose veins of the testicles and spermatic cords;
    • history of trauma;
    • an increase in lymph nodes adjacent to the scrotum;
    • examination to determine puberty (carried out in adolescence).

  • Preparation for research

    There is no special preparation for studying the testicles. It is recommended to carry out a hygienic procedure beforehand.

Ultrasound of the testicles

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