Help in the sports section

Classes in sports sections and clubs have a beneficial effect on a child's health, strengthen his immunity, and promote comprehensive development. A certificate to the sports section is a document that confirms the child's health and allows him to engage in one or another sport and receive physical activity. Most often, the management of sports sections asks to provide a certificate about the child's health in order to remove responsibility if the child develops health problems during training. The task of parents is to protect the child from such situations. That is why it is so important to not just get a certificate before starting training, but to undergo a comprehensive examination, get advice from specialized specialists and allow the child to exercise healthy.

  • We recommend the following examinations before registration in the sports section:

    • passing an ECG;
    • consultation of a cardiologist;
    • orthopedist consultation;
    • consultation of a pediatrician, other narrow-profile specialists on evidence.

  • If the child is preparing for classes in the pool:

    If the child is preparing for classes in the pool, it is also necessary to undergo an examination by a dermatologist, pass a smear test for the presence of intestinal diseases and feces for enterobiosis.
    Consultations with a cardiologist, surgeon/orthopedic, according to the testimony of an ophthalmologist, and a pulmonologist will be important for the future athlete.
    A consultation with a cardiologist, a neurologist, a surgeon/orthopedic is recommended for engaging in contact sports.

Help in the sports section

Examination by a pediatrician without an ECG

500 UAH

Examination of a pediatrician with an ECG

700 UAH
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In "Mamyn Dim" polyclinics, a child can undergo the necessary examinations by a surgeon, orthopedist and neuropathologist, consult a pediatrician, receive a detailed opinion on the state of health and the optimal training regime.