Reference to school

Comprehensive service from Mamin Dim polyclinic: medical examination before school + certificate #086-1/0.

To make an appointment, call our contact center or leave a request on the website.
During the consultation, the pediatrician will provide recommendations on organizing the daily routine, proper nutrition of the child and optimal physical activity.

  • We recommend that you pass the following specialists before applying to school:

    • pediatric ophthalmologist;
    • children's orthopedist;
    • children's dentist

  • Necessary laboratory tests:

    • general blood test;
    • general analysis of urine;
    • analysis of capillary blood for glucose;
    • stool analysis for helminth eggs

Reference to school

The sum of the cost of examinations and analyses, form 086-1/0

675 UAH

+ 10% discount on analyzes and reviews of narrow specialists (as needed)

  • Where can I sign up?:
  • where_to_voteSt. Hryhoriya Skovorody, 31
    where_to_vote5 P. Grihorenko Ave
    where_to_voteSt. Gvardiytsiv-Shironintsiv, 33
    where_to_voteHryhorivske Shosse Ave., 57

Importantly! You must take your medical card and vaccination card to the consultation. The general blood test and the blood glucose test must be taken on an empty stomach.