Ultrasound of soft tissues of the body


Ultrasound diagnosis of soft tissues of the body is a study of the tissues of the face, neck, abdominal surface and other parts of the human body.
Ultrasound or echographic examination of soft tissues is one of the most effective methods of examining the human body. The concept of ultrasound of soft tissues refers to the diagnosis of the state of the abdomen, face, neck and other parts of the body. The examination allows you to determine the presence of neoplasms, find a foreign body, and assess the level of damage after an injury.
The technique is completely safe, allows you to get an accurate result quickly and without special preparation. The ultrasound machine does not irradiate the patient, so the examination can be used multiple times. This advantage allows you to observe the dynamics of the pathological process and the body's response to treatment.
Most often, the study is prescribed by a surgeon for the purpose of diagnosing pathological changes in soft tissues: lipomas, hemangiomas, etc. In this case, soft tissues are muscles, lymph nodes, fat cells, subcutaneous layers. During the examination, the diagnostician, first of all, pays attention to the diameter of the tissue formation, its structure and compares it with normal indicators. Attention is also drawn to the content of the formation. If tumors are diagnosed, the presence and speed of blood flow, its nature, in other words, the possibility of atypical nature of the formation is analyzed.

  • Indications for conducting the study

    Ultrasound examination of soft tissues is prescribed in the presence of:

    • hernia;
    • enlargement of lymph nodes;
    • intra-articular intervention;
    • palpable neoplasms;
    • complaints of soft tissue pain;
    • abscesses - capsular abscesses;
    • suspicions of the formation of phlegmon;
    • rheumatic diseases;
    • muscle tissue cells;
    • suspicions of oncological formations;
    • injury or damage.
    Ultrasound is also used to control the treatment of oncological diseases after therapy, and to control the healing and scarring of tissues after serious trauma and damage. Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to consult a narrow specialist so that he can determine the area for examination as accurately as possible.

  • Preparation for research

    Ultrasound diagnosis of soft tissues does not require any preliminary preparation. It is recommended to simply wear loose and comfortable clothes that can be easily removed when needed. No matter which area is examined, the algorithm remains the same. The procedure is completely painless, without discomfort and unpleasant sensations, only a slight chill on the skin from the gel. Ultrasound diagnosis is considered the safest and has no contraindications. If necessary, the examination can be carried out at least every day (treatment control). Examination can be prescribed even for newborn children and women during pregnancy.

  • Types of ultrasound of soft tissues

    Ultrasound of the soft tissues of the following organs is most often performed:

    • Ultrasound of the neck - used to detect bones, obstructions and infections in the body. Blood flow in the arteries can be measured to detect blockages. Ultrasound can be used to check for certain types of cancer in a variety of ways, including detecting abnormal tumors, growths. Ultrasound of the neck can help diagnose: nodes, sprouts or tumors of the thyroid gland; pathology of the carotid arteries on either side of the patient's neck (the arteries that carry blood from your heart to your brain), blocked or narrowed carotid arteries, which may indicate an increased risk of stroke;
    • Ultrasound of the face - is prescribed for diagnosing serious injuries, purulent formations, pain, hematomas, compactions;
    • Ultrasound of foci of inflammation - neoplasms of the skin in various places, lymph nodes, in places of injuries. In addition, ultrasound can be used to provide biopsies.

Ultrasound of soft tissues of the body

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