Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland is a study that helps to study the general state of the thyroid gland, evaluate its structure, size, location, detect or, on the contrary, refute the presence of anomalies in development, functional abnormalities, and identify diseases at an early stage. The normal functioning of the entire body depends on the health of the thyroid gland: the brain, reproductive system, and metabolism. A failure in its operation can lead to serious problems. The state of the gland is affected by ecology, lack of iodine in the body, heredity, stress, intoxication, injuries.

  • Indications for research

    • planned pregnancy;
    • the presence of hereditary diseases of the thyroid gland and diabetes;
    • work related to harmful production;
    • reaching the age of 40;
    • taking hormonal drugs;
    • apathy, lethargy, fatigue, weakness;
    • increased nervousness, excessive irritability, frequent mood swings;
    • adiposity;
    • excessive sleepiness;
    • subfebrile body temperature (elevated temperature for a long time in the range of 37–38 o C);
    • coughing, sensation of a foreign object in the throat, itching;
    • cardiac arrhythmia;
    • change in body weight for no apparent reason, exhaustion;
    • uncontrollable trembling of the fingers;
    • increased hair loss;
    • suspicion of a tumor.

  • Preparation for the study of the thyroid gland

    There is no special preparation for the study of the thyroid gland.

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

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