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A child speech therapist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats speech defects in children. Communication skills or the ability to communicate are one of the most important in a person's life. That is why speech defects should be diagnosed as early as possible and eliminated with the help of a qualified specialist in the field of children's speech therapy. Clear, correct language is the key to successful communication with people and a person's self-confidence. Speech problems in childhood can cause problems in establishing contact with peers, in learning. It is the children's speech therapist who will help to identify and correct children's speech disorders in a timely manner. In addition to the fact that the speech therapist helps the child cope with language problems, he also assesses the psycho-emotional state. Language delay can be both a consequence of psychological disorders and a cause. The children's speech therapist at the "Mamin Dim" polyclinics is the best specialist in the field of correction of children's language development disorders. During the initial consultation, the child's speech therapist will definitely listen to you, ask questions about the child's development, talk with the child, find out the reasons that contributed to the development of speech disorders in the child. Our specialists will observe the baby throughout the correction period, after which individual prevention recommendations will be developed. The speech therapist will assign individual lessons to the child and help him cope with problems using various methods, including games.

Speech therapist

Initial consultation with a speech therapist

400 UAH

Repeated consultation with a speech therapist

350 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    Diseases included in the competence of a children's speech therapist are problems with the pronunciation of sounds; speech delay; cerebral palsy; aphonia, dysphonia; anomalies of the development of the articulation apparatus; injuries of the speech apparatus; dyslexia; rhinophonia; stuttering; crookedness; lisp; impaired reading and pronunciation. Even if nothing bothers the child, it is necessary to undergo preventive consultations with a speech therapist in order to prevent violations.

  • Preventive consultations

    in the first year of life, a neurologist examines the baby in order to exclude or identify pathologies of the nervous system that may cause the development of speech pathologies; registration for kindergarten (if you do not attend a preschool, professional examination annually, individual appeals to a speech therapist); registration for school (to determine the form of education and degree of workload, individual appeals to a speech therapist).

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Mitseva Olga Serhiivna

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