Management of pregnancy in the Mother's House center

Management of pregnancy in the Mother's House center

Dear expectant mothers! You recently found out that in a few months your family will have a new addition. You are filled with happy emotions, but at the same time, many questions are running through your head. What tests should be taken? How to make sure that pregnancy is normal? Where to do ultrasound? Is more research needed? Complex management of pregnancy in Mother's House centers will save you from worrying about your health and the health of the baby. Thanks to our specialists, 9 magical months will pass smoothly and easily!

What is included in the pregnancy management program

Having seen the cherished two strips on the test, the expectant mother needs to be registered so that her condition and the health of the future baby are under the supervision of specialists. It is advisable to contact the Mother's House before the 12th week of pregnancy. But even if you come at a later date, we will be happy to receive you, arrange, issue an exchange card, a personal plan of tests, examinations and visits to specialist doctors.

The advantages of managing pregnancy in Mother's House centers

  • Saving time
  • There are no unnecessary analyzes and studies
  • Ability to choose the appropriate package
  • Caring for physical and mental health.

You will not have to run around laboratories and hospitals, stand in queues: all necessary specialists are gathered in one place. You will be received at the appointed time, surrounded by care and given as much time as you need. We will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, answer any questions so that you don't worry and only think about the good.

We understand how many worries expectant mothers have, so we do not waste their time on unnecessary manipulations. Each mother has a clear plan for laboratory and instrumental research. This is the necessary minimum that will allow you to control the course of pregnancy and avoid risks.

We offer a choice of 3 programs that differ in price and number of services. Each program meets the basic standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization. At the initial consultation, the gynecologist will help you choose the best option that suits you.

In addition to physical health, it is very important for mothers to remain calm, optimistic, and focused only on the positive. To do this, we added additional services to the program: a course of preparation for childbirth, yoga for pregnant women, patronage of a pediatrician after childbirth, support for a mother-manager, and others.

  • Pregnancy care package "Careful"

    "Careful" package — (includes the most necessary tests and research + a bag to the maternity hospital for the mother and baby, patronage by a pediatrician after childbirth).
    Bonuses from the Mother's House store:

    • 30% discount on maternity clothes
    • 30% discount on TM Mamyn Dim underwear
    • 20% discount on clothes for a newborn
    • 15% discount on cosmetics for pregnant women
    • 10% discount on all products in the "Children's room" category
    • A certificate of UAH 1,000 for the purchase of a stroller for a newborn
    • UAH 300 as a gift for the purchase of a pillow for pregnant women
  • The pregnancy management program includes:

    • monitoring of pregnancy of any complexity;
    • consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist, a therapist, related specialists;
    • functional diagnostics;
    • laboratory-instrumental diagnostics;
    • additional services (bag to the maternity hospital, baby box, patronage of a pediatrician after childbirth, and others).

Pregnancy care package "Careful"

21000 UAH
  • Where can you sign up?:
  • where_to_voteSt. Hryhoriya Skovorody, 31

"Newborn" program

8000 ₴

We have created a program of individual pediatric monitoring so that your baby is healthy and you have peace of mind. During the entire period of the program, the child will be under the supervision of a pediatrician who will answer all the questions that interest you.

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"Newborn+" program

9900 ₴

The first year of a child's life is the most important period, because during this time intensive growth and development of your baby takes place. Meanwhile, the main care of the child falls on the parents. But still, you should not neglect the qualified help of specialists.

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"Family" program

5000 ₴

The "Family" program is confidence in quality medical care and a guarantee of the health of all members of your family. The feature of the program is convenience and efficiency, as well as the possibility of using all medical services of the "Mamyn Dim" polyclinic.

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"Your personal pediatrician" program

4000 ₴

The pediatric monitoring program is knowledge, experience, individual approach, support of professionals in the field of children's health and your peace of mind. The term of the program is 1 year.

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Check-up 18+

1500 ₴

It's time to check your health with the medical check-up program for adults at Mamin Dim Polyclinic!
We have prepared a preventive examination package Check-up 18+.

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Free patronage of newborns

0 ₴

The purpose of the Mother's House is to provide mothers with all the necessary help, especially in the first days after the birth of a child. That is why we offer patronage for newborns.

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