Consultation of a pediatrician

Initial consultation with a pediatrician is very important! Never self-medicate. In matters of children's health, you cannot rely on the advice of friends, grandmothers, acquaintances, experts on the Internet. Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis. Child health is not an area where experiments are appropriate.

  • During the initial consultation

    At the first visit to the pediatrician, it is necessary to collect a complete medical history, assess the physical and psycho-emotional development of the child. He will conduct a general examination of the baby, interview the parents about his diet and sleep, physical activity and well-being, as well as about the symptoms that bother the baby. There are no stupid questions and answers for the doctor: ask about everything that worries you, answer all the doctor's questions frankly. An initial consultation is required to establish a diagnosis and choose the correct treatment method. An inspection plan is drawn up for suspected violations. It is important to remember that only a regular visit to the pediatrician will allow you to see the disorder at an early stage and prevent the disease in time. Also, the doctor will give recommendations on caring for the child, as well as strengthening its health.


Primary consultation of a pediatrician500 UAH
Repeat consultation of the pediatrician440 UAH
Consultation of a pediatrician at home within the city limits1000 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    If the child's behavior has changed, alarming symptoms have appeared - be sure to consult a pediatrician. Any change in the baby's well-being is a reason to seek qualified medical help. You should not wait for a scheduled examination if you have the following symptoms: general malaise; increase in body temperature; runny nose, cough, sore throat; abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; headache; rash on the body; the child is crying for an unknown reason.

  • Preventive consultations

    Only a pediatrician based on complaints and an external examination will make a preliminary diagnosis and will be able to assess the baby's health according to all indicators. The doctor, taking into account the symptoms and condition of the baby, makes a decision on the feasibility of prescribing laboratory tests or other examinations. According to the results of the tests, consultation with doctors of a narrow profile may be required. An initial consultation with a pediatrician is also required: before and after vaccination; before visiting children's institutions; for entering the sports section, swimming pool.