Consultation of a pediatric neurologist

A pediatric neurologist is a doctor who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the nervous system in children. The nervous system ensures the coordinated work of the entire body. Often, it is failures in its work that cause various functional disorders in the baby. If the child has general disturbances of sensitivity to external and internal factors, it is necessary to immediately show him to a neurologist. But even if nothing bothers the baby, it is important to undergo preventive examinations: in the first year of life, a neurologist examines the baby every three months (1,3,6,9,12 months) in order to rule out or detect pathologies of the nervous system; when registering for kindergarten (if you do not attend a preschool, a preventive examination must be done once a year); when registering for school (to determine the form of education and degree of workload).

  • During the initial consultation

    A pediatric neurologist will definitely listen to you, ask questions about the general course of pregnancy, the characteristics of childbirth, the development of the baby, conduct a thorough examination of the child's head, and assess the condition and size of the crown of the head. Also, the child neurologist will pay special attention to the symmetry of the face and eye slits, the size of the pupils and the movement of the baby's eyeballs, in order to rule out the development of strabismus. During each visit, the doctor will necessarily check the development of the baby's reflexes, muscle tone, joint mobility, skills that the child has, including communication skills. If abnormalities were detected during the examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis, if necessary, prescribe additional examinations, tell the specifics of the disease manifestation and possible ways of its development, develop an effective individual treatment program with minimal risk to health. Our specialists will observe the baby throughout the recovery period, after which recommendations on prevention will be provided.


Primary consultation of a pediatric neurologist550 UAH
Repeated consultation with a pediatric neurologist490 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    Conditions that require an unscheduled consultation with a pediatric neurologist: restless sleep; the crown of the head pulsates strongly; the baby is easily excited; the child often shivers; the baby vomits often and profusely; an increase in temperature is accompanied by convulsions; involuntary trembling of the limbs and chin (during crying and at rest); the baby walks on his toes, squeezes them, is afraid to stand on his feet completely; frequent crying for no reason; excessive excitability, irritability; developmental delay.