Cardiorheumatologist consultation

A pediatric cardiorheumatologist is a doctor who deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and joints. According to statistics, the number of children with congenital anomalies only increases every year. That is why it is so important to diagnose heart defects in early childhood and prescribe effective treatment. A healthy heart is the key to a child's well-being every day. When the cardiovascular system is healthy, then the baby is cheerful, cheerful, energetic, he is not overcome by bouts of fatigue. That is why it is so important to detect a violation of the development of a child's heart and blood vessels. Modern cardiorheumatology is a wide range of corrective and preventive measures, the main goal of which is a healthy child's heart. If the baby has heart pain, chronic fatigue, pain in the joints, dizziness, you should immediately show the child to a cardiologist and start timely treatment. The best cardiorheumatologists work in "Mamin Dim" polyclinics.


Primary consultation of a pediatric cardiorheumatologist

550 UAH

Repeated consultation of a pediatric cardiorheumatologist

490 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    With which symptoms should you contact a pediatric cardiorheumatologist: heart pain; heart rhythm disturbance (fast or slow heartbeat); shortness of breath, lack of air; fatigue, quick fatigue; increase/decrease in blood pressure; bluing of the lips around the mouth, fingertips; decrease in the amount of urine; swelling of limbs, eyelids; swelling and joint pain. If the baby does not eat well, refuses to eat, quickly gets tired while urinating, does not gain weight - this is a reason to consult a cardiologist.

  • Preventive consultations

    Preventive consultations of a pediatric cardiologist in the first year of life, a cardiologist examines a baby after one month of age and closer to a year in order to rule out or detect pathologies of the cardiovascular system; Kindergarten registration (if you do not attend preschool - professional examination once every 1 year); registration for school (to determine a group for physical education classes).

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Olga Yurievna Karapetyan

Olga Yurievna Karapetyan

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