Consultation of a surgeon

A pediatric surgeon is a doctor who is engaged in the diagnosis and operative treatment of injuries, peculiarities and anomalies of development, emergency conditions that require surgical intervention. A pediatric surgeon provides care to children from birth to 18 years of age.

  • During the initial consultation

    During the initial consultation, the pediatric surgeon must listen to complaints, collect anamnesis, conduct a thorough examination of the child's body, paying attention to the structure of the limbs, skin, mucous membranes, lymph nodes, if necessary, can apply the method of palpating bones and joints, soft tissues, chest . According to the indications, the doctor will prescribe an additional examination. After that, the doctor will make a diagnosis, develop an effective individual program of treatment, recovery and prevention of the disease. Our specialists will monitor the baby throughout the recovery period.


Primary consultation of a pediatric surgeon550 UAH
Repeated consultation of a pediatric surgeon490 UAH
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  • When to contact?

    Diseases included in the competence of a pediatric surgeon, various injuries; acute abdominal pain; the appearance of neoplasms; inflammation of soft tissues; narrowing of the foreskin in boys (phimosis); pathologies of the development of the scrotum in boys; empty scrotum in boys; failure of the testicle to descend into the scrotum in boys (cryptorchism); fusion of labia in girls (synechia); ingrown nail; dropsy of the testicles; inflammatory processes of testicles in boys; chronic painful constipation in a child; restriction of movement of arms and legs; hernia; removal of foreign objects.

  • Preventive consultations

    Preventive consultations of a children's surgeon in the first year of life, the surgeon examines the baby after one month of age and closer to a year in order to exclude or identify pathologies of the child's development, according to the indications, it is possible more often; when registering for kindergarten (if you do not attend a preschool, a preventive examination should be done once every 1-1.5 years); when registering for school (to determine a group for physical education classes).

Our doctors

Kostyantyn Yuriyovych Pashchenko

Kostyantyn Yuriyovych Pashchenko

Pediatric surgeon, pediatric urologist