Free patronage of newborns

Free patronage of newborns

The purpose of the Mother's House is to provide mothers with all the necessary help, especially in the first days after the birth of a child. That is why we offer patronage for newborns. The pediatrician will not only carefully examine the baby, but will also tell parents how to best care for babies and provide consultations on breastfeeding, infection prevention and much more. The pediatrician will conduct the first free consultation at your home and will do everything to help parents adapt to their new role.

  • What is included in the program:

      pediatric examination of the infant
    • consultation on feeding and caring for the baby
    • an individual vaccination plan and examinations by specialized specialists
    • answers to all the questions that concern young parents

    The program is free for clients of Mamyn Dim mom-managers with promo code PATRONAZ_MD!

Free patronage of newborns


Free (For Mom-Manager clients)

Other programs


"Newborn" program

8000 ₴

We have created a program of individual pediatric monitoring so that your baby is healthy and you have peace of mind. During the entire period of the program, the child will be under the supervision of a pediatrician who will answer all the questions that interest you.

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"Newborn+" program

9900 ₴

The first year of a child's life is the most important period, because during this time intensive growth and development of your baby takes place. Meanwhile, the main care of the child falls on the parents. But still, you should not neglect the qualified help of specialists.

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"Family" program

5000 ₴

The "Family" program is confidence in quality medical care and a guarantee of the health of all members of your family. The feature of the program is convenience and efficiency, as well as the possibility of using all medical services of the "Mamyn Dim" polyclinic.

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"Your personal pediatrician" program

4000 ₴

The pediatric monitoring program is knowledge, experience, individual approach, support of professionals in the field of children's health and your peace and confidence. The duration of the program is 1 year, which provides comprehensive care for the child throughout this period, including regular examinations and consultations.

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Management of pregnancy in the Mother's House center

21000 ₴

Package "Careful" — (includes the most necessary analyzes and studies, a convenient bag for the maternity hospital for the mother and the baby, as well as the patronage of a pediatrician after childbirth to support the health and comfort of your family during this important period of life).

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Check-up 18+

1500 ₴

It's time to check your health with the medical check-up program for adults at Mamin Dim Polyclinic! We have prepared a preventive examination package Check-up 18+, which includes a comprehensive examination of the body to detect possible diseases and support your health.

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