Ultrasound of arteries with dopplerography

Ultrasound dopplerography of arteries is an ultrasound examination of the condition of the vessels of the neck, head, and brain. This study helps to measure the speed of blood flow, assess the state of the vessel walls, the patency of vessels, identify pathologies, anomalies of the development of vessels, the presence of plaques that impede blood flow. The study is painless, there are no contraindications. Even children can conduct research.

  • Indications for research

    • damage to blood vessels;
    • atherosclerosis of vessels;
    • perinatal encephalopathy;
    • frequent headaches, migraines;
    • noise in the head and ears;
    • weather dependence;
    • quick fatigue;
    • decrease in memory, attention;
    • causeless anxieties, fears, worries;
    • sleep disturbance;
    • frequent dizziness;
    • increased intracranial pressure;
    • faint;
    • vegetative dystonia;
    • violation of blood circulation in the brain;
    • brain injury;
    • history of stroke.
    • submission to research in children
    • developmental delay;
    • delay in language development;
    • asthenic states;
    • frequent fatigue;
    • decrease in memory and attention.

  • Preparation for the study of arteries

    The study does not require special preparation.

Ultrasound of arteries with dopplerography

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