Bacterial culture of urine

Urine bacterial culture is a test that helps diagnose urinary tract infections. Bacteriological examination of urine makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the bacteriological composition of the biological material under investigation, as well as to determine the sensitivity of the isolated uropathogenic flora to antibiotics.

  • Indications for analysis

    inflammatory/infectious process in the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract;
    determination of the type of causative agent of urinary tract infection;
    monitoring the effectiveness of treatment;
    relapse of the disease;

  • How to prepare a child for analysis?

    The test should be taken before starting antibacterial therapy or no earlier than 14 days after antibacterial and antifungal therapy. Before giving urine, you need to perform hygienic procedures, after which collect an average portion of morning urine in a sterile container, first pee a little in the pot, then in a dry sterile container, the rest of the urine in the pot. The collected urine must be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours at a temperature of up to 24 degrees.

Bacterial culture of urine

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