Scrape for demodex

Scraping for demodex is an analysis that helps diagnose the presence of demodex mites in the skin of the face and eyelashes. A dermatologist recommends this examination at the first suspicion of demodex.
Features of the procedure
The procedure is painless. With the help of a sterile surgical scalpel, the doctor scrapes off particles of the affected skin and the contents of the rash. After that, the particles are placed on a laboratory glass, diluted with an alkaline solution. Method 2 is also used for laboratory diagnosis of demodicosis - a tape test: the tape is glued to the skin at night, and in the morning it is removed and glued to a glass slide. The demodex mite is visible immediately under a microscope, so the results can be obtained quite quickly.

  • Indications for analysis

    • for accurate diagnosis of demodicosis;
    • increased sebum secretion, acne breakouts;
    • redness, peeling and/or itching on the skin of the face;
    • itching and peeling in the eye area, recurring eye diseases.

  • How to prepare a child for analysis?

    There is no special preparation for scraping. For a week, you should abandon the use of decorative cosmetics and ointments, which can affect the results of the study. A day before the examination, it is not recommended to carry out thorough cleaning and scrubbing of the affected areas of the skin.

Scrape for demodex

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