Scrape for enterobiosis

A scraping for enterobiosis is an analysis that helps diagnose the presence of pinworm eggs. Based on the fact that mature female pinworms do not lay eggs in fecal masses, but crawl out into the folds around the anus, to detect them, not a stool analysis is performed, but a scraping from the perianal folds or rectal mucus is examined.

  • Indications for analysis

    • determination of the presence of eggs of pinworms and protozoan parasites;
    • monitoring the effectiveness of treatment against parasites;
    • itching in the area of the anus.
    • decreased appetite, general weakness, periodic abdominal pain, change in the nature of stools.

    Scraping for enterobiosis is performed at

    • registration of a child in a kindergarten/school/sanatorium;
    • registration of the child in the pool;
    • registration to the hospital.

  • How to prepare a child for analysis?

    It is recommended to give the scraping in the morning hours, before the collection it is strictly forbidden to carry out hygienic procedures, to wash the child, it is advisable to refrain from going to the toilet. It is more reliable when this procedure is carried out by a medical professional, but if necessary, you can make a scraping at home. A sterile container and a special cotton swab are used to collect the scraping, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or at the "Mother's House" polyclinic. Dip a cotton swab in warm boiled water, then pass it several times around the anus, and then place it in a container. You can also use ordinary tape to collect the material, which must be carefully glued to the anus and perianal area several times, then carefully removed and pasted on ordinary glass. After taking the scraping, the material must be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours at a temperature of 8-10 degrees.

Scrape for enterobiosis

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