Scrape from the skin on the scabies mite

A scraping from the skin for a scabies mite is an analysis that helps diagnose the presence of a scabies mite in the skin. The scabies mite most often affects the skin. Transmission through clothing and bedding is unlikely, since the tick lives only a few days outside the human body. Ticks are usually localized on the body, rarely on the face. In order to prescribe an effective treatment, the dermatologist needs to determine the presence of the causative agent. For this, a scraping of biomaterial is performed on the tick.

  • Indications for analysis

    • shelling:
    • a red rash over the surface of the skin;
    • itching, more often at night;
    • the presence of vesicles (red bubbles with a clear liquid);
    • the presence of small subcutaneous entrances and exits;
    • registration in kindergarten/school/swimming pool;
    • determining the presence of a tick for treatment.

  • How to prepare a child for analysis?

    There is no special preparation for scraping. For a week, you should abandon the use of decorative cosmetics and ointments, which can affect the results of the study. A day before the analysis, it is not recommended to carry out thorough cleaning and scrubbing of the affected areas of the skin. The procedure is absolutely painless and does not harm the child's health. Using a sterile surgical scalpel, the laboratory technician scrapes off particles of the affected skin, grasping at the same time the tops of the entrances and papules. After that, the laboratory assistant places the mite on the laboratory glass and determines its presence.

Scrape from the skin on the scabies mite

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