Application of devitalizing paste

Applying a devitalizing paste is a procedure for treating the nerve fibers of the tooth (pulp), with the help of its preliminary necrotization with the help of antiseptic, analgesic and antimicrobial drugs. Pastes containing arsenic, formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde are used for the procedure. You can remove the pulp in two ways: under anesthesia or by applying a devitalizing paste.

  • Indications for the procedure

    • acute purulent diffuse pulpitis;
    • specific stomatitis;
    • severe periodontitis;
    • deep stage of caries.

  • Preparation for the procedure

    During the first visit, the dentist will perform an instrumental treatment of the affected area using application anesthesia to gradually remove the dentin and reach the bottom of the carious cavity. After treatment, the cavity is washed with a warm antiseptic solution that dries. The next stage is the direct application of devitalizing paste and temporary filling.
    After the procedure, the dentist appoints the next appointment to remove the temporary filling, remove the pulp and install the permanent filling.

  • Contraindications to the procedure:

    • obstruction or malformation of dental canals;
    • treatment of milk teeth.

Application of devitalizing paste

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