Inhalation of medicines using a nebulizer

Inhalation through a nebulizer is one of the most effective methods of treating respiratory tract diseases. The high efficiency of therapy is achieved by delivering split small particles of the medicinal drug directly to the affected organs. The nebulizer turns the medicine into an aerosol and quickly delivers it to the patient's airways. Thanks to the nebulizer, the inhalation process has become much easier and more efficient.

  • Advantages of the inhalation method through a nebulizer

    the necessary (small) particle size of the atomized drug, as a result of which it is possible to reach the lower parts of the respiratory tree; the contact area of the drug with the entire surface of the mucous membrane is many times higher; the drug enters the respiratory system directly; after inhalation, the mucus removal process is much faster and easier.

    Indications for inhalation using a nebulizer: treatment of diseases of the respiratory system of various etiologies (infectious, allergic, etc.)

  • Inhalation rules:

    a course of inhalation therapy must be prescribed by a doctor; inhalation is carried out after a meal (after 1-1.5 hours); inhalation is carried out after physical exertion (after 1-1.5 hours); comfortable clothes that do not restrict breathing; it is recommended not to smoke during inhalation treatment; after inhalation, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with warm boiled water; after inhalation, it is not recommended to eat or drink for about 30 minutes;

  • Considering the effectiveness of the inhalation method, it still has its contraindications:

    increase in body temperature; acute bacterial tonsillopharyngitis (angina); intolerance to inhaled drugs (allergic reaction); nosebleeds in the anamnesis; history of pulmonary bleeding; exacerbation of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertensive disease, heart failure); myocardial infarction; cerebral atherosclerosis; recurrent pneumothorax.

Inhalation of medicines using a nebulizer

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In the "Mother's House" polyclinics, the doctor will collect an anamnesis, conduct an examination, make a diagnosis, after which he may prescribe inhalation of drugs using a nebulizer.