Injection of an antiemetic drug

Vomiting in a child is a rather serious symptom, the exact cause of which can only be determined by a doctor. That is why parents should definitely seek help from a doctor, since, in addition to determining the causes of such a condition, it is very important to prevent dehydration of the body, which can lead to vomiting. Vomiting is a reflex release of stomach contents through the mouth, sometimes through the nose.

  • When you need to call an ambulance

    the child's age (less than 3 years old); vomiting during the day; rash on the body; vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea and fever; the child is pale, lethargic and refuses to drink; bloody inclusions in vomiting masses; acute abdominal pain; suspicion of a foreign object in the digestive tract; head injury resulting in confusion, dizziness and vomiting.

  • Prevention of body dehydration

    Most often, before vomiting, the child feels nauseous, sweats, and salivation increases. In order to prevent dehydration and restore the water-salt balance, it is recommended to give the baby a drink, fractional drinking in small portions is indicated (drinking water without gas, dried fruit compote, medicinal solutions: Rehydron, Humana Electrolyte, Biogaya ORS, etc.). It is not recommended to feed the baby.

  • When an antiemetic injection is needed

    If vomiting persists, seek medical attention. It is important to understand that only a doctor can prescribe antiemetic drugs after finding out the cause of vomiting. In order to make a correct diagnosis, the doctor must examine the baby, assess his condition, understand the probable cause of vomiting, and only after that prescribe an antiemetic. The main thing to remember is that antiemetic drugs do not treat the cause of vomiting, but simply stop the symptoms (nausea, vomiting urges). It is possible to make an injection of an antiemetic drug at the "Mother's House" polyclinics upon a doctor's referral. For effective and quick suppression of nausea attacks, injections of an antiemetic drug are used, which for some time block the center of regulation of vomiting and nausea in the brain.

Injection of an antiemetic drug

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