Rinsing lacunae of the palatine tonsils

The palatine tonsils are located in the pharynx, belong to the organs of the immune system and perform a protective function. They consist of lymphoid tissue. Tonsillitis is a disease in which the tonsils become inflamed. In some cases, tonsillitis becomes chronic.
Washing tonsil lacunae is an effective procedure in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis. It does not lead to complete recovery, but it puts the pathology into remission for a long time and alleviates the patient's condition. An otolaryngologist conducts an examination, makes a diagnosis, after which he can recommend this manipulation in order to avoid complications.

  • Indications for washing lacunae of the palatine tonsils:

    chronic tonsillitis; exacerbation of chronic diseases of the ENT organs; the presence of congestion in the throat (tonsilloliths); frequent sore throats; pain in the neck and lymph nodes.

  • Preparation for the procedure:

    You cannot eat an hour before the procedure. After washing, it is recommended to refrain from hard food, so as not to scratch the tonsils.

  • Contraindications for washing lacunae of the palatine tonsils:

    acute tonsillitis (angina); acute infectious diseases with elevated body temperature; cardiovascular diseases; tuberculosis; malignant neoplasms; increase in body temperature of an unexplained nature; diseases of the retina; allergy to medications used during the procedure; increased vomiting reflex.

  • Washing method

    Rinsing of lacunae is carried out in two ways: with the help of a vacuum and with the help of a syringe. The mucous membrane is pre-treated with an anesthetic drug, after which the mucus is removed. In the first case, the doctor washes the gaps with anti-inflammatory drugs using a syringe. During vacuum washing, the contents of the lacunae are removed by vacuum, after which they are filled with medicine. This method completely cleans the tonsils.
    After washing the gaps, it is recommended to refrain from eating for another 2-3 hours, it is also not recommended to drink and smoke.

Rinsing lacunae of the palatine tonsils

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In "Mamyn Dim" polyclinics, it is possible to treat diseases of the ENT organs, in particular, to carry out a procedure for washing the lacunae of the palatine tonsils. Our otolaryngologists will conduct an examination, diagnosis, according to the indications of washing the tonsils, will answer all questions regarding the prevention of chronic throat diseases.