Removal of sulfur plug (1 ear)

The formation of sulfur in the ears is a normal process, because it protects the ear canal from the penetration of infections, dryness and irritation. Usually sulfur is removed from the ear by itself, but sometimes there is a lot of it, it accumulates and forms a plug, there are unpleasant sensations, possible hearing loss, and the development of inflammatory conditions. The cork is formed gradually. The first symptoms appear when the ear canal is blocked by approximately 70%.

  • Symptoms of the appearance of a sulfur plug in the ears:

    hearing loss; ear congestion; ear pain; the appearance of an echo from the voice in the head; inflammatory diseases of the middle ear; headache;

  • Causes of sulfur plugs in the ears:

    lack of hygiene; improper ear care (frequent and improper use of cotton buds, which often do not remove sulfur, but push it further into the ear canal, clogging it); anatomical feature of the ear; increased production of earwax; work in dusty premises; inflammatory processes in the ears; frequent use of headphones; age changes

  • How to remove sulfur plug

    To remove a sulfur plug, it is necessary to seek help from an otolaryngologist, since the process of removing excess sulfur involves caution. It is also important to understand that a person without medical education will not be able to accurately determine whether there is sulfur congestion. It is dangerous to try to remove the sulfur plug yourself, you can introduce an infection and injure the tissues. Sulfur plug removal procedure: determining the location and consistency of the plug; if the plug is dry and tightly attached, before washing, oil-based drops are prescribed, which are used for 2-3 days before the procedure; washing is carried out using a Jeanette syringe and physiological solution (0.09%); washing is carried out in the otolaryngologist's office, saline solution is poured into the ear canal, after 2-3 minutes part of the contents flows out, then the doctor takes out the rest.

Removal of sulfur plug (1 ear)

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The procedure for removing a sulfur plug for adults and children can be carried out in the "Mother's House" polyclinics. Our otolaryngologists will conduct a visual inspection of the auditory canal using an instrumental method, if necessary, remove the sulfur plug, and also prescribe preventive drugs.