ECG recording

An electrocardiogram (ECG) of the heart is a simple and quick way to determine the state of the human cardiovascular system. ECG can be performed on patients of all ages. With the help of ECG, it is possible to detect heart defects, pathological conditions, diseases in the early stages. The ECG technique is painless and harmless, so it can be performed repeatedly. Without cardiograms, the cardiologist, not having a clear picture of the disease, cannot choose an effective treatment.

  • ECG capabilities

    • measuring the rhythmicity and frequency of heart contractions;
    • measuring the regularity of heart contractions;
    • diagnosis of the general state of the heart muscle;
    • detection of abnormalities in the development of the myocardium;
    • determination of conduction defects;
    • detection of electrolyte imbalance;
    • determination of the presence of pre-infarction conditions, heart attack.
    • indirect registration of inflammatory heart diseases (myocarditis).

  • Indications for an ECG

    • chest pains of various etiology;
    • chronic diseases of the respiratory system;
    • shortness of breath, lack of air, rapid heartbeat in the absence of physical exertion;
    • in case of control or suspicion of arrhythmia, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, ischemia and other cardiovascular diseases;
    • dizziness, fainting;
    • transferred acute infectious diseases;
    • before operative interventions;
    • pregnancy;
    • before entering kindergarten or school;
    • diabetes;
    • metabolic disorders;
    • thyroid disease;
    • people are prone to risk factors: smoking, alcohol.

  • Features of the ECG procedure

    A mandatory requirement is the patient's calmness, absence of worries and nervous tension. So that the results of the ECG are not distorted, it is forbidden to drink alcohol, coffee, tea, smoke, and do sports before the procedure.

    The procedure is performed in a supine position, the patient must remove all metal objects from the chest and limbs (jewelry, watches, bracelets), clothes must be spacious so as not to constrain movements, and the chest can be easily exposed. You also need to expose your arms and legs. Electrodes are placed on the treated areas of the body.

    The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes. Information from the cardiograph is recorded on a paper tape.

ECG recording

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In "Mamin Dim" polyclinics, you and your child can undergo a high-quality electrocardiography procedure in a calm atmosphere of the clinic. The procedure will be performed on you, the results will be recorded and the research data will be deciphered.