Ultrasound is a reliable diagnostic method

Ultrasound is a reliable diagnostic method

🧑 ⚕️ Ultrasound diagnostics is one of the most common methods of examining internal organs and tissues. Ultrasound is a necessary component of many medical examinations: from the usual health certificate to monitoring the treatment of oncological diseases after therapy.

🤔 Ultrasound diagnostics is used so widely that the question may arise: is this method really safe?

🩻 We answer. Ultrasound uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to visualize internal tissues. As a conclusion, the doctor receives an image of what is happening in certain organs in real time.

🛡️ Ultrasound is completely safe. Unlike, for example, an X-ray examination, ultrasound does not use radiation, which can have a negative effect on the body.

🩺 Ultrasound is safe and painless. Even if your child feels well and develops according to age, it is necessary to do an ultrasound to make sure that there are no abnormalities in the structure of internal organs that may not manifest themselves.

🧸 In the Mother's House, you can undergo ultrasound screening for both children and adults. We are waiting for you on any day, even on Sunday.