Ophthalmologist Yulia Yuriivna Sokolovska

Ophthalmologist Yulia Yuriivna Sokolovska

👁️ Today, we are happy to introduce you to another wonderful doctor from the Mother's House team — ophthalmologist Yuliya Yuriivna Sokolovska!

👩‍⚕️ We strive for the child's examination by an ophthalmologist to be as effective as possible in identifying possible problems with the child's visual apparatus and, at the same time, not cause negative emotions. Yulia Yuriivna is not only a professional medical worker, she also feels the needs of each patient.

👓 Thanks to her experience and empathy, she is able to find an individual approach to each child who needs help in eye care. She will always give effective advice to preserve vision, check the eyes for possible changes or damage and, if necessary, help to choose glasses or lenses for vision correction.

🧸 It is important to remember that regular visits to an ophthalmologist are the key to preserving vision and early detection of possible problems. Yuliya Yuriivna is always happy to see you for a consultation, where she can conduct a complete examination and give recommendations for the care of your eyes.

🏥 Yuliya Yuriivna accepts patients at the Mother's House polyclinic in Kharkiv, on Hryhorivskyi Shosse, 57