Pneumococcal infection

Pneumococcal infection

  • Age:vaccination of children from 2 months

The vaccine and its manufacturer:

Description of the disease

Pneumococcal infection is an infection that can cause various diseases of a bacterial nature (pneumonia, purulent otitis, bacterial meningitis, blood sepsis infection, etc.). First of all, vaccination is indicated for children with chronic diseases (bronchial asthma, frequent obstructive bronchitis, after mechanical ventilation, diabetes, heart defects or others) and those who are often sick. Vaccination significantly reduces the possibility of complications of viral diseases in young children. Pneumococcal infection is treated exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.

  • Treatment

    Treatment is prescribed exclusively by a doctor.

  • Prevention

    Prevention - vaccination of young children.

  • Symptoms

    The clinical picture depends on the disease caused by the infection, possible options: pneumonia - high fever, cough, shortness of breath; purulent meningitis - fever, severe headache, stiffness of the occipital zone, photophobia, impaired consciousness; pneumococcal bacteremia (blood infection) - intoxication, fever, chills, joint pain; pneumococcal otitis – fever, ear pain, hearing loss.

  • Diagnostics

    Diagnosis is carried out on the basis of clinical picture data, laboratory tests: clinical blood analysis, examination of biological material (blood, sputum, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid, inflammatory exudates) for the presence of the causative agent.