Clinical blood analysis developed (platelets, clotting time)

Comprehensive clinical blood analysis - an analysis that reflects the general state of the hematopoietic system, helps to diagnose the presence of any pathological process in the body. Detailed analysis includes determining the concentration of leukocytes, platelets, erythrocytes in the blood, calculation of erythrocyte indices, hemoglobin level.

  • Indications for analysis

    during hospitalization; during preventive and dispensary monitoring; diagnosis of inflammatory/infectious processes; diagnosis of anemia; to determine treatment methods; to determine the effectiveness of treatment; to identify contraindications to treatment.

    The analysis helps to detect hematological disorders and disorders, and is also used to establish or refute the diagnosis. With the help of a comprehensive clinical analysis, the results of treatment, the influence of various factors on the body are monitored.

  • How to prepare a child for analysis?

    Usually, a clinical blood test does not require special preparation. One hour before the examination, it is not recommended to drink tea, coffee, juices. As an exception, the child can be given a drink of water 15-20 minutes before the analysis. It is important to warn about the fact of constant medication. Blood is taken from a finger, but in some cases it can be taken from a vein. Before taking, the injection site must be wiped with a napkin containing alcohol. If the child has a fear of blood, dizziness may occur, then it is necessary to warn the medical staff.

Clinical blood analysis developed (platelets, clotting time)

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