Fissure sealing (1 tooth)

Sealing fissures is an effective procedure that is performed to prevent caries.

  • Indications for the procedure

    Most often, the procedure is carried out to protect permanent teeth from caries in children. The most vulnerable place of permanent children's teeth are fissures - small grooves that are dotted with the chewing surface of the tooth.

  • Sealing procedure

    The procedure for sealing fissures involves isolating the grooves from contact with the outside space and, therefore, protecting them from the reproduction of some pathogenic bacteria. The following materials are used to seal fissures: fissure sealants, which include viscous composite resins. These materials are very strong, not afraid of water, firmly fixed and retained in fissure openings.

  • Algorithm of the procedure

    To begin with, the doctor thoroughly cleans the teeth, removing dental deposits, after which the dental grooves and grooves are filled with a special solution. After coating under the influence of 40-45 seconds, the material is polymerized under the rays of a special lamp and fixed in fissure holes. Sealing of fissures in children is carried out in the same way. The procedure allows to reduce the development of caries by 90% and provides reliable protection for 5-8 years.

Fissure sealing (1 tooth)

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