The colposcopy procedure involves examining the external genitalia, vagina and cervix under magnification using a colposcope device (magnification 4-40 times).

  • Application of colposcopy

    This procedure is performed to diagnose changes in the mucous membrane that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It helps to timely diagnose benign neoplasms and prevent their transformation into malignant ones. The procedure is painless.

  • When colposcopy is needed:

    abnormal cytological examination results; during a planned biopsy of the cervix; the analysis showed the presence of the human papilloma virus (HPV), the presence of condylomas; in the presence of erosion or inflammatory processes of the cervix; pain during sexual contact with a man; polyps on the genitals.

    During the inspection (simple) colposcopy procedure, the doctor can evaluate not only the mucous membrane, but also the color of the tissues, the presence and shape of the glands, the features of the vascular pattern, and the nature of possible neoplasms. For a more precise diagnosis, the doctor may conduct additional tests (extended colposcopy).

  • Extended colposcopy

    A test with a 3% solution of acetic acid, which is applied with a cotton swab or spray to the cervix. Slight burning in the vagina is possible during the procedure. The acid allows you to make tissues more embossed, due to the removal of mucus and contraction of surface vessels. Pathological epithelium gradually whitens and becomes more voluminous, taking the shape of a grape bunch. At the same time, the boundary between cylindrical and flat epithelium is clearly visible. It is at such a border that most malignant formations develop.

    Schiller's test is performed using iodine-containing Lugol's solution (provided that you do not have a reaction to iodine). Flat epithelium is evenly stained brown, while pathological is stained weakly or not at all. Unstained flat areas of the epithelium are called iodine-negative areas.


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You can undergo a colposcopy procedure at the "Mother's House" polyclinics. Our gynecologists will not only conduct a gynecological examination, but also give answers to all questions, give recommendations on the prevention of gynecological diseases, and, if necessary, prescribe effective treatment.