Massage at the polyclinic

In the polyclinics of the "Mamin Dim" center, it is possible to undergo massage procedures for children from birth.
Massage is one of the methods of prevention of various diseases, deviations in the physical and psycho-emotional development of children.

  • Massage at the Mother's House polyclinic:

    • cozy atmosphere
    • no queues - sessions are held by appointment only
    • qualified specialists who have vast experience in working with even the smallest patients

    You can either invite a specialist to your home or visit one of our clinics.

  • Why do children need massage?

    Massage is an effect on active points on the child's skin. It has a beneficial effect on the process of final formation of all organs and systems of the child's body, helps the baby to grow healthy, develop properly, and is a prevention of many diseases.

    Massage helps the child increase the body's resistance to various infections. In particular, it makes them less susceptible to SARS, flu, helps to cope with stress, increased excitability, and nervous tension.

    Massage is especially important for children of the first year of life. The massage procedure for the baby also includes fitness ball classes and various gymnastic exercises. Such a complex has a beneficial effect on digestion processes, is an effective means of preventing various disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
    Massage is important for the formation of the child's central nervous system. Manual stimulation of nerve receptors located on the skin helps to eliminate problems with sleep and speech.
    Unlike adult massage, children's massage uses completely different techniques, such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, and vibrations. It is best to perform the massage every day, half an hour before a meal, or an hour after a meal.

  • Types of baby massage

    Depending on the indications, there are the following types of massage:

    • therapeutic is prescribed for various diseases with the aim of alleviating symptoms and the fastest possible recovery of the baby. Therapeutic massage is prescribed from the age of 2-3 months and is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor;
    • corrective — is a continuation of treatment. Corrective massage helps to consolidate the results of the treatment. It is carried out only on the prescription of a doctor;
    • prophylactic — contributes to the general strengthening of the child's body, helps to prevent various diseases. Both a specialist and a mother can make such a look for a baby.

  • Is massage indicated for healthy children?

    Most often, massage is prescribed as a correction of various conditions, but do not forget that healthy children are also indicated for massage. Carrying out preventive massage several times a year for 10 sessions contributes to the overall strengthening of the child's body .

    Bring your baby to us for a massage and the polyclinic's specialists will make these sessions useful for both the child and the mother.

Massage at the polyclinic

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Children's massage sessions are performed exclusively by highly qualified massage therapists with extensive experience in "Mamin Dim" polyclinics.