Ear piercing

Every fashionista dreams of earrings, and parents want the ear piercing process to be as painless and comfortable as possible.
As for age restrictions, it is possible from 9 months in our polyclinic. Given that the baby's earlobe is still forming, the nurse will advise the best time for this manipulation.
After piercing your ears, you will receive recommendations for the care of the piercing sites, as well as a special gel, so that your ears will always be beautiful and healthy.
After a month, when the canal in the ear lobes is formed, we invite you to the clinic to replace the earrings with your own.

  • "Studex 75" system

    Ear piercing is carried out by the Studex 75 system, which eliminates any inaccuracy, as the device allows for reliable aiming.
    Needle earrings did not get this name by chance - in the new system, they are thin, which is an advantage when piercing the ears with the "Studex 75" system for children, since their ear tissues are very delicate.
    But the most important achievement of the innovation is the complete sterility of the procedure. After the piercing, the earrings remain in the lobe, and the cartridge is completely removed. In this way, the transfer of bacteria is excluded.

Ear piercing

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Our specialists are professionals in their field, they will definitely answer all the questions that parents are interested in, and they will perform the procedure using disposable instruments. A new system will be opened for you.
At the "Mother's House" polyclinic, the ear piercing procedure is carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations for the safe use of a disposable gun.