What to do when bleeding from the nose?

What to do when bleeding from the nose?

🙀 Some situations can catch us by surprise, and then you don't always know how to react. For example, in the case of nosebleeds, it is important to quickly and correctly choose methods to stop it, in order to prevent the condition from worsening.

🩸 Therefore, today let's discuss how to respond to an unexpected nosebleed in a child.

👃 The cause of nosebleeds can be many factors. There are many fragile blood vessels on the mucous membrane of the nose, and they are usually the ones that are damaged in the first place. Therefore, for example, when the surrounding air is dry, vessels can form crusts that break easily. Other common causes are injuries, high blood pressure, alegria, inflammation of the mucous membrane, and others.

👩‍⚕️ If the child has a nosebleed for any reason, do not panic. In most cases, to stop it, it is enough to sit the child, leaning slightly forward, tell him to breathe through his mouth and, if necessary, apply a cold compress. If the bleeding does not stop within twenty minutes or the blood flows down the throat, urgent medical help is needed.

❤️🩹 Nosebleeds are a fairly common problem. To prevent it, first of all, you need to carefully monitor the air humidity in the room and avoid injury to the nasal mucosa. If your child has regular nosebleeds, you should consult your pediatrician.

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