A pediatrician's call to the house

A pediatrician's call to the house

🤒 Sometimes, when a child is sick, it is not possible to visit a clinic. This may be due to external circumstances or simply the depressed state of the child. Nevertheless, professional help from a doctor is still needed, and it is not always clear what to do in such situations.

🧸 There is a way out! At Mother's House, you can always call a pediatrician to your home. Regardless of the cause, the doctor will examine your child, make an accurate diagnosis and tell you how to respond.

👩‍⚕️ Calling a pediatrician to your home will allow you to quickly receive professional help and prevent the child from developing serious complications. At the same time, you do not need to bother a sick baby with a trip to the clinic — calling a pediatrician to your home allows you to conduct an examination in comfortable and familiar conditions for the child.

♥️ Another great news: for all clients of Mother's House, we provide the first patronage of newborns at home free of charge. A pediatrician will not only help a newborn baby, but will also tell parents how to best care for babies and provide consultations on breastfeeding, infection prevention and much more.

🏠 Together with Mom's House, calling a pediatrician at home is simple and convenient.