Does laser hair removal affect health?

Does laser hair removal affect health?

☀️ Our dermatologists are asked many questions related to skin conditions. One of the most widespread is related to laser hair removal. There are many myths, as if it can cause cancer or otherwise harm health. Therefore, our goal today is to get rid of uncertainty and find out how and when laser hair removal can be performed.

🛡️ First of all, we assure you that laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure. The applied radiation acts on the hair follicle without affecting or damaging the surrounding tissue.

🤔 However, there are some conditions where the procedure can be harmful. Laser hair removal should not be performed by those who have certain diseases, including diabetes or cancer. Also, as with many other procedures, taking antibiotics, systemic retinoids or pregnancy can be contraindications.

👩‍⚕️ And, most importantly, the laser does not cause complications on the skin, if a qualified specialist works with it. A competent specialist will cover moles with a special white pencil or stick them with a sticker.

🧸 And this is just one of the questions that are addressed to our doctors. Nevertheless, the dermatologists of the Mother's House are always ready to advise you on many different issues that may concern not only the condition of the baby's skin, but also yours.