• Age:
  • Vaccination of children from 6 months

The vaccine and its manufacturer:

Description of the disease

Influenza is an acute viral infectious disease caused by the Influenza virus (types A, B and C). Influenza has a high probability of a severe course and a high percentage of complications (pneumonia, otitis, meningitis, myocarditis). Most often, flu outbreaks are characteristic of the winter period and often have a pandemic character. That's why flu vaccination is done at the beginning of autumn before the expected outbreak of SARS and flu. If the family has a child under 6 months of age, adult family members are recommended to be vaccinated against influenza.

  • Treatment

    Treatment for the flu consists of rest and drinking fluids, anti-seizure and antiviral medications, steaming, and consulting a doctor to help you feel better and reduce symptoms.

  • Prevention

    Prevention is vaccination, as well as avoiding crowded places. The risk group includes children, the elderly, people with lung and heart problems, medical workers, and teachers. If there is a sick person at home, frequent airing of the room, wet cleaning is recommended.

  • Symptoms

    Flu symptoms

    • Weakness, headache
    • Aches in the body, pain in the muscles
    • Increase in temperature (38-40 degrees)
    • Pain in the eyes, photophobia, lacrimation
    • Cough

  • Diagnostics

    Influenza is diagnosed on the basis of the clinical picture, the data of express diagnostics or an immunoenzymatic analysis is carried out.