Jesse Flew

Jesse Flew
  • Contraindication

    Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, hypersensitivity to components of chicken egg or chicken protein, if complications were detected after previous vaccination. Vaccination is not given to children who have acute infectious diseases accompanied by fever and progressive diseases (acute or chronic).

  • Side effects

    Side effects: headache, increased sweating, fatigue, possible vomiting, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite, fever, redness, swelling, itching at the injection site may occur after vaccination. In the presence of mechanical inclusions or a strange color of the suspension, the use of the vaccine is unacceptable.

Jesse Flew

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  • Producing country:Korea
  • Composition and form of release:suspension for injection

Against what:


Application: the recommended dose of the vaccine for children from 6 months to 3 years is 0.25 ml, for adults - 0.5 ml, the vaccine should be administered intramuscularly, for younger children in the thigh area, for older children - in the deltoid muscle. It is strictly forbidden to administer the vaccine intravenously. It should be used with caution for vaccination during pregnancy (preferably II and III trimesters), lactation, people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. Before vaccination, it is recommended to be examined and to exclude contact with SARS patients. Patients should be under medical supervision for 30 minutes after administration of the vaccine. Do not use the drug if the vaccine has been frozen.

  • Indication

    Indications: inactivated split vaccine for the prevention of influenza in children from 6 months and adults, the duration of immunity is about 6-12 months.