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  • Vaccination of children after 12 months and adults

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Vaccination against the disease:

Description of the disease

Chickenpox is a common infectious disease (up to 95% of those who come in contact with it) caused by the herpes virus type 3. Recently, severe forms with complications (encephalitis, pneumonia) often occur. The method of transmission is airborne. The patient is contagious 2 days before the appearance of rashes and 5-7 days after. After getting sick, a person gets lifelong immunity from chicken pox. It is worth remembering that the virus is not cured, but subsides, and with a decrease in immunity, it can become the cause of herpes zoster. Children tolerate chickenpox much more easily than adults.

  • Treatment

    Treatment is symptomatic (antipyretic, disinfection of the rash, antihistamine against itching). The main thing is to prevent blisters from festering. To ensure peace of mind for the baby, the clothes should not be tight.

  • Prevention

    Children and adults can be protected from chicken pox by vaccination.

  • Symptoms

    The incubation period is 11-21 days, until the first symptoms appear:

    • Increased temperature (up to 39 degrees)
    • Lethargy, decreased appetite
    • Sometimes fever
    • A red blistering rash (with a clear liquid inside) on the skin of the face, scalp, hands, feet (except palms and feet), the whole body, on the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat, external genitalia
    • Itch
    • Intoxication of the body (sweating, headache, nausea)

  • Diagnostics

    Diagnosis is based on clinical indicators, examination of the rash, collection of anamnesis (contact with a chickenpox patient), sometimes laboratory tests are involved.