• Description of vaccination
  • Age:children from 1 year old

The vaccine and its manufacturer:
Against what:
Where do they make it?:
  • Kharkiv city
  • Kyiv city
where_to_voteSt. Hryhoriya Skovorody, 31
where_to_vote5 P. Grihorenko Ave
where_to_voteSt. Gvardiytsiv-Shironintsiv, 33
where_to_voteHryhorivske Shosse Ave., 57
where_to_voteSt. S. Rudnytskyi, 5
where_to_voteSt. V. Lypkivskogo, 35A
  • Contraindication

    acute diseases, intolerance to vaccine components and severe immunodeficiency, allergic reactions to chicken (quail) eggs and aminoglycoside antibiotics, pregnancy, the presence of malignant neoplasms, blood diseases, undergoing a course of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunosuppression. Vaccination is temporarily or absolutely contraindicated in the case of progressive pathology of the nervous system, as well as in cases where convulsions occurred, not associated with an increase in temperature.

  • Indication

    active prevention of measles in children and adults; formation of immunity against measles for up to 15-20 years.

  • When vaccination is done

    children from 1 year. Revaccination at 6 years old. Emergency vaccination is carried out within 3 days in case of contact with the patient, in the absence of primary vaccination.

  • Possible reaction to vaccination

    painful sensations at the injection site, possible rash, redness of the throat, swelling of lymph nodes, temperature increase (37.5-39.0).