• Contraindication

    Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, if complications were detected after previous vaccination, allergy to chicken egg protein. Vaccination is not given to pregnant women and children who have diseases accompanied by fever.

  • Side effects

    Side effects: after vaccination, an increase in temperature, redness, rash, pain and swelling at the injection site may be observed, rarely infections of the upper respiratory tract. In the presence of mechanical inclusions or a strange color of the solution, the use of the vaccine is unacceptable.


1000 UAH
  • Producing country:Belgium
  • Composition and form of release:suspension for injection

Against what:
In what vaccinations is it used?:


Application: the vaccine is used in children after one year, it is administered subcutaneously, the volume of the injection dose of the solution is 0.5 ml. Intramuscular administration of the vaccine is possible. Intravenous administration is categorically contraindicated. After vaccination, a calm regime, observation of the child's behavior is recommended. Before vaccination, an examination of the child is indicated, to exclude contact with SARS patients. Patients should be under medical supervision for 30 minutes after administration of the vaccine.

  • Indication

    Indications: live combined attenuated vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, which is used from the age of one year.