ADS-M Biolek

ADS-M Biolek
  • Contraindication

    Contraindications: It is not used if the patient has hypersensitivity (allergy) to one of the components included in the preparation. In particular, if previously observed anaphylactic reactions to drugs containing diphtheria, tetanus toxoid. It is also contraindicated if the patient has been diagnosed with: - encephalopathy (coma, loss of consciousness, convulsions) within a week after vaccination, while the drug contained a pertussis component;
    - progressive neurological diseases, epilepsy;
    - congenital combined immunodeficiencies;
    - primary hypogammaglobulinemia;
    - oncological diseases;
    - if the patient is undergoing immunosuppressive therapy;
    - acute infectious and non-infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases - as temporary contraindications (vaccination is carried out in the stage of remission of the disease or after it has passed);
    - metabolic diseases, phakomatosis, degenerative diseases;
    - ARVI, intestinal diseases, other diseases characterized by an increase in temperature (in this case, vaccination is given after recovery or lowering the temperature to normal limits).

  • Side effects

    After vaccination, there may be pain at the injection site, which usually passes within 3 days. The most common side effects are:
    - fatigue (in children);
    - headache (in teenagers and adults);
    - increase in temperature to 38°C or more degrees;
    - pain, swelling, redness at the injection site;
    - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
    - anorexia;
    - muscle weakness;
    - swelling of the joints;
    - general malaise, sleep disturbance;
    - feeling of chills, shortness of breath;
    - rash on the skin, urticaria;
    - an increase in lymph nodes in the armpits.

ADS-M Biolek

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  • Producing country:Ukraine
  • Composition and form of release:suspension for injection.

Against what:


Application: vaccination and revaccination are usually carried out with a single dose of the drug (0.5 ml). The drug is administered intramuscularly, deep into the deltoid muscle of the shoulder.
  • Indication

    Characteristics: vaccine for the prevention of diphtheria and tetanus in children aged 7 years and older and in adults.